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Founded in 1968, METALSISTEM commenced its activities specialising in the design and production of machinery for the cold profiling of metals. The experience gathered, numerous highly innovative patents resulting from intense research and development and the considerable market success of the first range of cold form zinc coated profiles quickly channelled METALSISTEM into the production of the latter of its activities.

Lightness, strength and modular form, coupled with the ease of integrating and expanding already existing structures are but a few of the successful features of the METALSISTEM storage and shelving systems.

All products have elevated structural characteristics and ensure high quality standards recognised by the most important European certification bodies, such as
  • Germany’s TÜV Product Service GmbH
  • Austria’s Ö-NORM
  • Rome’s I.S.P.E.S.L., ACAI/CISI (Associazione Costruttori Acciaio Italiani - Sezione Costruttori Italiani di Scaffalatura Industriale), the latter of which METALSISTEM has membership, and others.
The company’s ISO 9001 quality assurance system is certified by IGQ.

The theoretical calculations of finished elements were elaborated with the SICS program. Guide lines followed as the basis for the calculations are those of the organisation The safety and the quality of the product have always been a primary aim of METALSISTEM and are recognized by TÜV PRODUCT SERVICE in Munich.

All the structural components are made from high tensile steel, certified according to EN 10204 3.1.B.

According the Technical Handbook the deflection is 1/200.

The elements are made from prime quality, certified, high tensile, hot dipped galvanized steel, thus ensuring a high level of durability.

The galvanisation of the steel coil is produced by passing the steel through a bath of molten zinc, at a temperature of circa 470°C. This causes a chemical reaction which provokes an immediate bond between the steel and the zinc thus completely coating the coil.

The durability of the coil coating will ultimately depend on the environment in which it is placed. However it can be stated that the durability of the product is at min 10 years

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