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SUPER 4/5/6
Thanks to a continuous research and development programme, the SUPER 4-5-6 series, perfected by METALSiSTEM after years of research and long experience, is perhaps today the most innovative and revolutionary product series available worldwide, the real generation change. Unique in terms of product design, ease of assembly and great performance, it is based on the following main structural components:
  • upright: created as a closed boxed section, without holes and cut-outs, with eight location points on four sides for connecting unidirectional beams or bracing, thus making it also highly suitable for the use within platforms and mezzanine structures.
  • beams: can be fitted in parallel pairs on the same upright at the same height, thus providing a highly individual solution to any load requirement.
  • completely adjustable, without welding.
Horizontal and diagonal bracing can be assembled in parallel pairs on the same frame.

Lightness, strength and modular form, coupled with the ease of integrating and expanding already existing structures are but a few of the most successful features of the SUPER 4-5-6 series.

The safety and the quality of its products has always been a primaly aim of METALSISTEM. SUPER 4/5/6 is made from prime quality, high tensile, certified steel. The practical structural testing is verified by rigorous commissions in the field of quality and safety certification, such as TUV Product Service, one of the most rigorous E.C. commissions in the field of quality and safety certification.

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